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Legal Defense Fund


On January 7, 2022, B-CU filed a lawsuit against the MMBNAA and our National President, Attorney Johnny L. McCray Jr. Esq., citing that our organization continues to violate their cease-and-desist order shared in September, 2021. As we prepare to appropriately respond to the University's new lawsuit, we stand firmly with our elected President who serves with dignity and integrity. In keeping with our desire to be transparent, responsible, and accountable to our members, we are initiating a legal defense fund. This fund will aid in the

  •  Assist in legal expenses

  •  Attorney's fees

  •  Court filings

  •  Litigation costs

  •  Legal advice

  •  Settlement costs

  •  Judgments

  • Other related legal fees

We need your HELP!  What can YOU do?  If you are an alumnus, a friend or a supporter that believes in the mission and vision of this Association, please donate to our legal defense fund. All funds generated on this page will support the defense of this legal action against the Association and its President, Johnny L. McCray Jr. Esq. Any excess funds raised will go directly toward the support of the Association's mission. MMBNAA is a legally registered non-profit 501-C3. Please, check with your tax professional if you are seeking a tax deduction.

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